Latest Events

21 Feb 2017
08:00AM - 05:00PM
Fr. Walter Lini Day
27 Feb 2017
08:00AM - 05:00PM
Vanuatu Junior Tennis Tournament
28 Feb 2017
08:00AM - 05:00PM
5th Australia Vanuatu Business Forum & Trade Expo
06 Mar 2017
08:00AM - 05:00PM
Custom Chief’s day


Vanuatu is within easy reach. It’s been right in front of you all along, waiting to be discovered. So take time out, breath and explore Vanuatu where you will discover what matters. With a tropical pace, slow down, immerse yourself and be in the moment, alone or together with ones you love. Take time to reconnect with yourself, with nature, make new friends and share in their laughter.  Discover what really matters and discover Vanuatu. 

Welcome to the official website for the Vanuatu Tourism Office. We are here to connect with you, make you feel at home, and share laughter when you get here, just don't forget to add the hashtag #DiscoverVanuatu in all your social media posts.

Lukim yu! (See you)