Nambanga Training Restaurant

Nambanga Training Restaurant

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Meline Rory
+678 26830 or +678 26044
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PO Box 5106
Port Vila

with its modern architectual ambience, where friendly trainees will welcome you with a smile, provide you a service that can only go beyond your expectations, the Nambanga Training Restaurant is a must visit place for all visitors and residents of Vanuatu.

The Nambanga Training Restaurant is located in Port Vila, where the food is an infusion of Melanesian and French cuisine and is tilted to modern eating trends. It is a Training Restaurant, and they welcome guests, with prior bookings, to assist them in training for the future.

Enjoy the Anglo French menus, pamper yourself with personalised service with a ni-Vanuatu smile, meet the students, learn the culture and customs from them and enjoy a French, Australian or New Zealand wine. The cocktail of the day is made up with local fruits, and is most enjoyable. Their Lemongrass and Lime iced tea is a very popular drink.

Do try this unique dining experience. It gives you time to sit back, relax and, as we say, take time to "watch the different phases of the moon which shines across the lagoon".

Thank you for helping us to train for the future.