The Barge - Floating Restaurant

The Barge - Floating Restaurant



Morgan Bragg and Marie Yankee
+678 23103, +678 77 45872 and +678 5426928
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PO Box 3
Port Vila


A good time, great people, and the best location in Port Vila. This ancient waterway has everything you could imagine, from local villages, to multi million dollar resorts, fisher-men and families in dug out canoes, to the magnificent statue of 'Our Lady Of Lourdes' nestled up in an open cave making sure of a safe passage.

The Barge specializes in cocktail evenings, hens and bucks nights orgroups just wanting a special evening. Upon boarding, you will have chips and dips to nibble on, after the sunset, the lagoon becomes lit up with the lights from major resorts along its four kilometers of tranquil still, fish filled waters.

During your trip, you will be served a variety of tasty finger foods from our kitchen. The Barge has on board toilet facilities and the bar never empties of your favorite drink. The choice is yours. If you want, you and your friends can party. And now with an up-to-date sound system, all new karaoke and widescreen TV, you can become the life of the party.