Scenic flights

Enjoy an experience of a lifetime by air whilst you fly over volcanoes and witness the magnificent fireworks below on Tanna island, Ambrym, and Lopevi. Throughout the flights, you will fall in love with the natural beauty of the islands and possibly make a landing on a secluded beach for a romantic picnic and champers. Or you may choose to take a helicopter ride up to the nagol or land diving festivals on Pentecost island. Options are limitless and can flex to suit customer requests.

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Air Safaris
AIR SAFARIS operates the NEWEST 8 seater plane with excellent visibility, owned and operated by one of Vanuatu’s most experienced pilots Matthew Erceg. Matt delivers exciting, unique tours...
Air Taxi Vanuatu
Air Taxi is the largest air tour & charter operator in Vanuatu, specialising in tours to view Tanna Island’s spectacular, Mt Yasur Volcano. Words cannot describe the thrill and awe...
Unity Airlines
With Unity Airlines, you Will get to experience a Vanuatu volcano tour and other sight seeing adventures that you will never forget.
Vanuatu Helicopters
Vanuatu Helicopters is the key to unlocking all the amazing beauty within the islands. Whether flight seeing, a leisurely champagne luncheon on a secluded island, inspecting your property purchase,...
Vanuatu Seaplanes
Without a doubt, the absolute highlight of our trip" , "truly magical" "never be forgotten" "views were spectacular" " an exhilarating experience" "very nice!" ...
5 results - showing 1 - 5