Iwaru Tanna Beach Bangalow

Iwaru Tanna Beach Bangalow

Tourism association

Tafea Provincial Tourism Association


Philip Lop
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Tanna Iwaru Beach Bungalows.
PO Box 170
South West Tanna
Tafea Province


All Bungalows are locally built and each one has each own Toilet and Shower except for meal time you have it in the Restaurant which is a separate building. In the Restaurant Tanna Coffee is the only coffee served unless finished in all the shops and also we do serve our natural herbs such as lemon leaves.

We also serve sea foods in our menus. As you will see in the attached pictures some of our dishes served at the Bungalows and also some of our guests with their surf boards on the beach enjoying the day ready to surf through the huge waves.

About our activities, We have flying Fox tour, Water Fall, The Original Yakel Kastom Village, Yasur Volcano Tour,We also have another tour which is trekking . If the clients wanted to walk across to the other side of the Island to see the Volcano the we have a good guide who can guide them to the Volcano. From the bungalow it takes you ten hours to walk but it depends how fast you can walk other wise more than that. The guide fee is,a thousand vatu per person, Also when you are transferring the you are to pay for the guides accommodation and then he or she will find his or her way back to the bungalows.

For the other tours, they just around the Bungalows and you will have to decide whether to go by car or to take a walk. This is about Kastom village, Water fall Flying Fox. To the Blue Cave it will take you to arrange for a transfer to the landing and you will transfer to a boat to take you to the Blue Cave,
We also have laplap Tasting too as one of our activities so as waving and some other ways of preparing food in our culture.

Back at the bungalows you can sit and watch the sun set as it sets in the evening and enjoy the the evening breeze on the fine beach. For your information you can do fishing at the spot also by climbing on the black Iwaru Rock as shown in the pictures. Same as surfing. If you are a surfer then I would recommend you to bring your surf board when you are traveling.
At the bungalows we do not have water shower but we can provide you with warm water as we do have Hot water Solar Bag which will make you happy during shower time especially during cold weather.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Applied facilities; Bar, Laundry service, Room service, BBQ area,Tour desk, Reservation, Restaurant.
Room Price: 2,500 vatu per person per night. Couples is 5,000vatu per night, Family of seven is 7,000vatu per night.

We do not accept credit cards, we only accept cash.