Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours

Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours

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Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours

A 45minutes  flight from Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila will take you to  Vanuatu’s largest island, Espiritu Santo gateway to Vanuatu’s  adventurous north. Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours takes guests to the  cultural village  sites on Santo, including witnessing rare custom dances and the Water  Music ladies from Banks and Torres islands. 

Beyond Luganville town, we  take you to villages of Santo and its surrounding islands which have  strongly held their custom and traditional way of life. Such is the  beauty of Espiritu Santo that, during WW2, James Michener penned his  famous "Tales of the South Pacific" whilst stationed here.

Luganville, the main town of Santo, is the only other urban centre in the country beyond Port Vila and is a great base for exploring all that is Espiritu Santo from driving and trekking to custom villages and pristine beaches.

For scuba divers, Espiritu Santo is the Mecca of the south pacific. The US cruise liner turned troop carrier, SS President Coolidge, and the US Destroyer the USS Tucker both sank in the water surrounding Espiritu Santo, victims of US mines. The SS President Coolidge is the largest and most accessible wreck dive in the world today. The staff can organize your plans for you.

Further north, there is a tour to Vanuatu's first national park, Vathe Conservation Area. With its black sand beach, stunning nature walks and incredible bird watching, Vathe is not to be missed.