Fanla Rom Dance and Black Magic Tour, Fanla, North Ambrym

Fanla Rom Dance and Black Magic Tour, Fanla, North Ambrym

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From Ranon beach, you will either walk for about 50 minutes (or catch a 20 minute truck transfer) through the stunning tropical forest high in to the hills where people from Fanla Village will demonstrate for you the famous Rom Dances - traditionally performed only on very special occasions. The Rom or ‘Masked’ dance is a sacred event associated with magic and it is believed to influence harvests. You will get an opportunity to watch a full schedule of hypnotic costumed dances as well as listen to beautiful and haunting bamboo flute music. You will also witness a small display of mysterious ‘Black Magic’ only performed by special sorcerers – ‘the man blong blak majik’. Although people on Ambrym dress very conservatively normally, during the dances, some of the men wear nothing but penis sheaths called "nambas". Each face mask is unique and can only be made in complete secret by specific mask makers. The costuming, sound and rhythmic movements of the Roms are so elaborate and spectacular it is hard not to be completely mesmerised. You will also get a unique opportunity to admire the fabulous traditional carving – and to buy carvings directly from the local carvers. Ambrym is known for its fine carving in wood, volcanic stones and tree fern.