Fire Beach Cultural & Eco Tour

Fire Beach Cultural & Eco Tour

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Malampa Provincial Tourism


Willie Isno Leerangk
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Labo Village
South West Bay
Malekula, Malampa Province
Vanuatu, SW Pacific

Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tour teaching facility stands as the gateway to Malekula’s small and Big Nambas Tribal Historical Garden of Eden Lifestyles. The destination of your dreams experiences. 45 minutes flight from Port Vila, 20 minutes drive by boat from South West Bay airport, peaceful bay anchorage for youths and cruise ships.

Alo Lodge has singles and double beds plus village guest houses available. Fire Beach do have camping sites where you can bring your own tents and camp.

Tour & Activities

Welcome and refreshment by the local community, a short briefing Introduction then a full day guided tour exploring our traditional beautiful village settings situated on a hill with breath taking views of the Bay included Waterfalls.

A colourful Nalawan dance, sand drawings, Fore nad weaving demonstrations, custom ‘plei plei’s’ or games, and many more.

Bush walking can be arrange don site for interested persons. Marine Sanctuary explorations is a must for snorkelers and scuba dive on the beautiful colourful coral reefs.
You can relax on the fine coral sandy beaches, swim in the crystal clear warm waters or bathe in the rivers nearby. Visits to traditional tribal village sites and an important visit to an ancient traditional creation cave to discover how life began in our culture as opposed to the Holy Bible story and Foreign Teaching today.

There are monthly cultural festivals from may to October including Nalawan Festival in August. This year’s dates are Tuesday 19th May, Wednesday 17th June, Tuesday 14th July, Friday 14th August (Nalawan Festival), Wed 16th September, and Tuesday 20th October.
Special Cultural Festivals can be arranged outside these dates especially for cruise ships who have their own travelling schedules.
Highlight programme event for next year is the full interpretation of the unified traditional and foreign gospel and culture by Mr Johnwell Jonas Laau. To find out the secret truth in the Holy Bible as opposed to our South Pacific and Vanuatu customs and cultural stories to really know who we are are, where we are today, who God is, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and Satan are in reality, and where the permanent Paradise Heaven really is.

This Gospel and Cultural Interpretations should end the centuries long spiritual warfares between our traditional ancestoral and foreign missionaries Gods and clear up confusions in the Holy Bible and remove the curses in the Bible.

Date Sunday 10th October 2010 “Malampa Day” followed by a week’s Malampa United Traditions and Foreign Gospel and Cultural Festival from Mon 11th to Friday 15th October 2010.

Full programmes for these events will be released end of April 2009.
If you really want to spend a luxurious day, two days or a week’s holiday escaping the modern day’s rat races and noisy towns or cities life and learn about the almost lost real garden of Eden lifestyle, it is a must for you to visit the Fire Beach Eco and Cultural Tour and the whole of South west Malekula area being the most remote untouched Paradise Garden of Eden area on the island of Malekula. After this event, you may them wish to visit the rest of Vanuatu to find out more about the real truths because Malekula island is the Home of the Small and Big Nambas Tribes which spread throughout Vanuatu and the north and south Pacific regions.