Hawor Cultural Tour

Hawor Cultural Tour

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Malampa Provincial Tourism Association


Lui Samsam
+678 48888 or +678 7748030
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Po Box 22
Norsup, Malekula Island

All the chiefs of the west Ambrym have decided to share their unique Nakamal and custom with tourists and re-opened their traditional ceremony site to demonstrate their local dances and way of life. This is one of those unique opportunities to watch the Rom Dance where dancers are covered with amazing pandanus dresses and red masks. They also share their skills and knowledge of: carving, sand-drawing, plus a little bit of black magic and stories.

Tour consist of (order can change) and lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours

• Visit of Hawor village,
• Welcoming “salu salu” and coconut drink,
• 2 traditional Ambrym dances,
• 2 Rom dances,
• Carving demonstration,
• Sand-drawing demonstration,
• Magic demonstration,
• Closing and photo opportunities,
• Refreshments.

Located 20 minutes drive from Graig Cove in the middle of Hawor village; this is the only cultural activity on the west coast.
Tips: on the right of the Nasara, there is a very small hut where some carvers present their work, there are some very basic/simple carvings but you may also encounter amazing pieces and sometimes even antiques.