Hone Vaghal Small Nambas Tour at Vao, North Malekula

Hone Vaghal Small Nambas Tour at Vao, North Malekula

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“Hone Vaghal” means “the secret magic place of the village of Hone”, and it’s less than 10 minutes’ walk from Tam-Tam Bungalows, or just 1h30 by 4 x 4 from Norsup or Lakatoro. The high chief will welcome and introduce you to the Small Nambas men and women dressed in their traditional way. You will watch the energetic dancing, accompanied by traditional chanting and singing. All this will be done to the rhythmic beat of the large tam-tams, carved with faces in a style unique to this area.

When you have seen some of the local custom practices, such as “devil hunting”, games and weaving, you will feast on the local delicacy – sor-sor lap-lap cooked with hot stones and dipped in coconut milk. By the end of your experience, you will have been captivated by some of the secret magic of Hone!