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Port Vila


Tranquillity operates a Dive base mixed with other outdoor “Get away from it all” and eco tourism activities on an extensive area of Moso island,  located on the north west side of Efate. Our departure point is about a 35 minutes bus and a 20 minutes boat ride from Port Vila.

Moso Island has been blessed with an abundance of marine life - one of the most wonderfully diverse marine sites out of Vila. Tranquillity dive base on Moso has so much to offer for today’s diver and snorkeler. We operate dives on a daily basis or overnight.
Tranquillity dive base is set up with the island style beach house restaurant and Hawksbill turtle rookery at the northern end of the base, with the compressor station, dive gear house and generator facility/workshop in the centre, near the wharf. Accommodation ‘Fares’, lodges and main camping area are located at the southern end.


With over 18 different dive sites to choose from, most divers do not have to repeat a dive during their stay. Our sites range from some beautiful coral gardens, swim-throughs, thermal vents, bommies, drift dives & two wreck dives, the list goes on and on! Log onto our website for a full description of our dive sites.

Most of our dives are boat dives, though shore dives and night dives are available on request. Our dive sites have a great range of soft and hard corals, reef fish and on certain sites large pelagic may be seen. We also often see eagle rays and a range of marine mammals like dolphins and dugongs. It’s not uncommon for turtles and dugongs to be seen very close to the dive base. On night dives, just of off the dive base there may even be a chance of seeing Spanish Dancers and even a Nautilus shell in the shallow water if you’re lucky.
Visibility is rarely below 25 to 30 meters and often exceeds this. Water temperature ranges from 25 degrees in our ‘winter’ to 30 degrees during the summer or wet season.

“Island Diver”, our main operations boat, has a walk in platform with an easy access ladder to the rear. The vessel has a toilet, small galley and an area for setting up and rinsing underwater cameras.

For non-divers we have several other snorkelling sites as well as bush walks to various parts of the property. Snorkelers are also welcome on the dive boat, as many of the dive sits are good for snorkelling too.

Most of our dive sites are suitable for divers of all levels. A few of these sites can be dived to 18 + metres, but the majority can be limited to 18 metres. For added safety, all dives are non-decompression dives and safety stops are made on every dive. All of our dives our lead by either our divemaster or instructors to ensure you see the best of each site and to maintain safety standards.

Dive Courses

The dive base also caters for those who wish to learn to dive, following the PADI standards. We teach all courses from Discover Scuba diving through to Divemaster.

Our class sizes are very personal often at a ratio of 1 instructor to 1 or 2 students, therefore each course schedule can be tailor made to suit you. If you want to spend more time in the water and less time in the classroom, then PADI offer e-learning where you can complete all your theory on line in your own time, before you come away on holiday. For more details about courses please email us.


For divers wanting to stay on more than one day we have island style accommodation, with thatched bungalows on the water’s edge. Each ‘Fare’ has its own hot/cold shower and flush toilet.
The beach house caters for the resort with a set but varies menu of good quality meals. For day trippers lunch is normally a steak BBQ alongside lots of local fruit and vegetables.

Other activities include snorkelling, bush walking, kayaking and limited fishing on a catch and release basis. The resort also has a turtle rookery for raising and release of baby Hawksbill turtles which runs in co-junction with SPREP (South Pacific Regional Environment Program)
The utility system of the island is based on eco tourism style with solar power and biological waste disposal systems. You can see ‘green’ appropriate technology in operation.

Certain remote areas of the resort are available for camping. This is subject to condition. However we do have a main campground at the southern end of the resort which is suitable year round and also has bathroom and basic cooking facilities.