Adventure Submarine Vanuatu

Adventure Submarine Vanuatu

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Port Vila

Go for once in a lifetime experience and discover the beautiful marine life and the underwater world of Port Vila. 
Sub Cat S30 is a real submarine with the ability to sail as a boat on the surface and also dive to 30 meters on the ocean bed with a total capacity of 28 passengers plus crew.
As part of the submarine trip you will explore the rich coral reefs of port vila, and observe and encounter various species of fish.
This is a wonderful experience for everyone visiting Port Vila and unique concept in the whole South Pacific. Is only 15 tourist submarine in a world and we have part of them.
You have the luxury of 14 large acrylic windows to provide you clear and comfortable view of the tropical underwater life. The passenger cabin is fully air-conditioned.
During the half an hour underwater, you will assist to the fish feeding by our diver Felix and be the protagonists of his videos and pictures underwater!
We depart from the Lava Lounge restaurant and bar dock twice daily 10:00am and 2:00pm.
Office opening hours 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Saturday.
All members of the family is welcome on board in our Yellow Submarine. Is such an amazing moment that you can share, staying in a very comfortable way .. 
While diving in the submarine we will in this same ambient pressure so it is safe to fly on the same day.
Come to visit the unique submarine in all the south pacific!

Tour duration:
1.15 h ( sailing + diving)

Fitness Level Requirement:

10 000 Vt / adult, 6500 Vt/ child between 7 and 16 years old, 30 000 Vt/ Tour family ( 2 adults, 2 childs), 150 000 Vt/ Charter the whole submarine. Free for kinds under 7 years old