U-Power Sea Adventures

U-Power Sea Adventures

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Norm Madden & Racheal Balgowan
+678 7760495
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U-Power Sea Adventures
P.O. Box 1409
Port Vila

Tour duration:

60 minutes - Tour operates daily at 10am to 12pm, 2pm, 4pm. 
30 minutes - Tour operates daily at 11am and 3pm.

High speed water tours - Join us on our exciting water tour and command your own Zego Sports Craft. We will guide you through the pristine waters of the Port Vila Bay area. You will be amazed of the beauty surrounding you! Join the fun with U-Power, the best way to explore the bay driving your own Zego Sports Craft on our famous guided High Speed Water tours. Tours take 30 minutes and even 60 minute rides.

Your water adventure will take you to stunning beaches and show you the many coves and sites in and around the Port Vila gateway. Start your tour through the main Port Vila anchorage where you can view the million dollar waterfront mansions and the fleet of yachts anchored (both large and small) before heading out of the harbour on your sea exploration.

You are able to drive your own Zego boat together with you companion in tandem. Your experienced guide will lead you through the waters on our tour. Look closely as it’s common to encounter a sea turtle, nemo or even a dugong.

You will find U-Power located at the pontoon behind the Port Vila Market House on the sea wall.

Find more details @ Facebook upower vanuatu or www.toursvanuatu.com/watersports/high-speed-water-tour.html