Lotus Day Spa

Lotus Day Spa


Margie Fitzpatrick
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Po Box 5074
Port Vila

The Tourism award winning Lotus Day Spa and Teahouse is located in the heart of Port Vila amongst tropical gardens in a French Colonial Homestead.  The world class Lotus Day Spa has 6 treatment rooms including two couples rooms with coral bathrooms. Explore our full range of beauty and massage treatments on our Lotus Website menu.

Clear the mind, cleanse the body and sooth the soul at Vanuatu's finest spa, the Lotus Day Spa and Tea House. Set amongst tropical gardens with a bamboo border, is a romantically restored French Provincial Home.  Lotus harmonises its treatments with the stunning natural surrounds and offers a unique and peaceful setting to be pampered and polished to perfection.  As you unwind and leave the busy world behind, we invite you to arrive early and sip a cup of calming tea, an iced fruit cocktail or enjoy a vitalizing herbal elixir as you prepare to receive a beautiful experience of touch.

Holidays are a time to unwind and let yourself go, and Lotus Day Spa gives you the perfect way to do just that. When you arrive back home you will feel as if the weight of the world is off your shoulders and have a brighter and more optimistic view on life. From the moment you step through the Tourism Award Winning spa’s large Ancient Balinese timber doors you will be welcomed by flowing aromas, professional staff and an ambiance that exudes serenity and relaxation. The intimate lighting, tranquil music and rich timber furniture provide a sultry-style mood in perfect harmony with the tropics and will get you in the mood for your treatment right from the start.

Lotus Day Spa has 6 serene treatment rooms and a large tranquility area that will greet you with temptation, comfort and style. Two of the treatment rooms are for dual pampering and include private en-suites with large rain showers where the sound of chirping birds provide a soothing backdrop for your transformational spa treatment. The natural surroundings at Lotus Day Spa provide a nourishing environment for relaxation and renewal.
Opening Hours are: Monday through Friday 900am until 630pm, Sundays 12noon until 4pm, and Public Holidays 900am until 6pm.

Lotus Tea House

The Lotus Teahouse and garden is a special meeting place that may be enjoyed for a multitude of life's pleasures: reading a book, improvising a poem, a reflective moment or chatting with a friend... while you relax in the quiet of tea rituals. Rejuvenate in this sanctum of wellness created for you.


We have a lovely menu of fresh wholesome meals to include in your Lotus Day Spa experience. You can put your feet up on our lovely balcony taking in the view of the lush tropical gardens while we serve you with your lunch accompanied by a glass of bubbly, ice cold beer, fresh organic juice, coffee or tea.

We'll even paint your toenails while you are sipping on bubbles if you want us to!