Fiesta Game Fishing Charters

Fiesta Game Fishing Charters

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Calvin Rhodes & Julie Harvey
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Fiesta Game Fishing Charters specializes in live aboard fishing, sightseeing trips.The live aboard experience is a great way to see and fish areas of Vanuatu you would otherwise not get to. A one day charter or 7 days, a trip can be tailored to suit all on board. 

Fishing in the Northern islands is a truley unique experience. This is the "real Vanuatu" unspoilt and protected by it's remoteness, with beautiful white and black sand beaches, incredible jungle covered mountains and waterfalls cascadig down.

With deep water of 28 degrees plus in close to the land, the fishing starts immediately you set foot on board. Gamefishing species present in these waters include Blue,Black, and striped marlin, magnificent sailfish, yellowfin tuna. dogtooth tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, and on the reefs G.T's, red bass, job fish, and many more. To date our record weights for the boat are, Blue Marlin 300kg, sailfish 95kg, G.T 34kg, Mahi Mahi 21kg, Dog tooth 45kg, Yellowfin 90kg and the list goes on!

A trip can be tailored to suit all on board, a visit to a local village or a working copra and cattle plantation can be included, snorkling, spending time in the great resorts in the area, Vanuatu has so much to offer and we will do what we possiblt can to acheive the type of trip you require and enhance the overall live aboard experience.