Santo Island Fishing

Santo Island Fishing

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Espiritu Santo

Sport fishing charters are available for light game fishing tackling Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Albacore and Marlin and can be customized to your requirements. The view from out at sea is picture perfect. Beautiful green tropical jungle rising up from an azure blue Pacific ocean and the ever present promise of the strike. Its enough to keep your memories of Vanuatu alive for years to come

Fishing Tours

Vanuatu is a country of endless possibilities & Espiritu Santo has more than it’s share. Apart from spectacular scenery, world famous diving and fasinating cultural activities Santo is home to some of the best fishing in the South Pacific. There are a multitude of offshore seamounts and deep canyons easily accessible from the main town Luganville. Marlin, Wahoo, Spanish mackerel, giant Trevally and numerous species of Tuna including Albacore and Yellowfin abound in these waters. The best surprise is that this fabulous game fish can be caught within a kilometre of land. The great drop offs around the fringing reefs are home to millions of fish including huge schools of baitfish providing a fish feeding ground for pelagic hunters. Santo Island Dive and Fishing can take you the best spots for fishing and a day on the sparkling blue ocean. Please follow the links provided.

Snorkeling Tours

Many of these beautiful islands here in Vanuatu have the most colourful and diverse lifeforms in the Pacific region. Most of these live in the first 3 meters soaking up the sun’s rays. Millions of fish also live in these areas. The magic of this enviroment can only be properly explored using the snorkel and mask due to the shallow depths. We can provide you with the necessary equipment if required. We will pick up your group and transport you by boat to beach’s and reefs that can be enjoyed by all the family. We can also provide refreshments on the day. Sit back on a pristine beach and enjoy the best that Vanuatu has to offer. Our local professional Ni Van staff will answer all your questions on culture and the local enviroment making your holiday a memorable one.