Freshwater Plantation Adventures

Freshwater Plantation Adventures

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Freshwater Plantation,
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Espiritu Santo

Just 15 minutes from Luganville, our farm adventure awaits you. Freshwater Plantation is situated on Aore Island opposite Luganville. We grow cocoa – think chocolate! Wander through the coconut tree groves, natural caves, rainforest and interact with the farm animals. The Adventure: - Boat transfer from the mainland to Freshwater Plantation - Guided walk through the plantation. Try tasting some cocoa beans straight from tree. - Explanation of the process of cocoa growing, harvest, fermenting and drying and processing - See the spectacular bat cave with cathedral ceilings - Climb out of the cave and into the escarpment walks. - Explore the rainforest and various 15-60 minute duration walking trails from escarpment lookout to banyan tree house. - Visit the staff bush camp and pineapple and ginger grove. - For the children, feed the goats, ducks and the hundreds of free range chickens. - At the plantation house, relax with cold drinks and seasonal fresh picked fruit. - Swim the private beachfront from the floating pontoon into safe, clear deep water or snorkel the coral reef underneath.

Also available:
Explore around the island, Light lunch, Cocktails & beverages, Hire Kayaks, Bicycles, 4WD SUV, Motorbike and Quadbike, Local guide, Massage