Mount Hope Waterfall Tours

Mount Hope Waterfall Tours

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Sanma Provincial Tourism Association


Greg Verhoeven
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PO Box 183
Luganville, Santo

Adventure. River. Float. Waterfall. Rainforest. These are the key words that sum up the Mount Hope Waterfall experience. Float down a river, snaking its way to a magnificent waterfall and enjoy an easy walk through the dense rainforest. See how the locals really live on the drive up and down. 

Aside from a nearby Blue Hole (45 min kayak from Oyster), pristine reefs and even WWII plane wrecks (all in snorkeling depth), Oyster Island Resort is blessed to have exclusive access to the Mount Hope farm. It is here that we have found some stunning areas, such as this gorgeous waterfall.

On the Mount Hope Waterfall trip, you will experience the natural beauty of Santo in a different way. To get to the waterfall, you must float, with life jackets, down a river, set in a gorge with limestone walls and overhanging ferns and trees.

The journey back is an easy, instructive walk through the dense Vanuatu rainforest. It truly is a feast for the eyes, even the drive up and down to the farm, which is located between a couple of traditional villages. Items to bring : (reef-)shoes (no flip-flops), shorts, towel, change of clothes, waterproof camera. Other items can be locked in the truck during the float.