Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport

Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport

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Get onboard of our eco-friendly and traditional Vaka!
Sustainable transportation is often seen as elitist and unaffordable. Not for Okeanos. For us, transportation has to be sustainable ecologically as well as financially. This is the challenge of the Okeanos Vanuatu, a fossil-fuel free vessel, mixing sustainable transportation, ocean conservation and tradition revival. And what is more, it’s not any vessel, it’s a Vaka, a sailing canoe built according to traditional Polynesian design. This one runs only on solar panels and has a coconut oil-powered engine. Built to make a difference.

This Vaka Motu is not new in Vanuatu, it has been here and there for almost two years, right after Cyclone PAM. The boat and its crew have helped with disaster relief work by delivering crops and seedlings to the different islands where the agriculture was weakened or destroyed. Its first passage dated to when the fleet of Pacific Voyagers went all the way to Solomon Pacific Art Festival after a two year journey across the Pacific to revive traditional sailing.

As 2017 is the international year of sustainable tourism and development, we, the Okeanos team, are launching our eco-tours in Vanuatu; a good way to pass on our message.
Join us and enjoy the sunset cruise in Port-vila’s Bay and its romantic atmosphere while feeding on local stories, fruits and kava. Try our One-day tour and sail around the island of Lelepa. Be submerged by its history, bath in its water before enjoying local food made by the nearest community. The most adventurous can treat themselves with our Three-Days tour, snorkel over the Cook Reef, visit Mataso, swim in Emao’s lagoon and enjoy all of the advantages of the other tours.

Okeanos Vanuatu offers different tourist activities. For every tour, the crew will talk about our sustainable boat and its impact fighting climate change. To add a bit of science, we will also have a quick look at the some of the tiniest dwellers in the ocean. Our local story tellers will tell you about the cultural history of Vanuatu but also give crash courses on traditional sailing. Some will recognized the way-finding techniques used in the movie « Moana », whose producers have worked with members of the Pacific Voyagers in Tahiti. « A la carte » and birdwatching tours are also among our future activities.

Price: Evening Tour 4000/pp. One day Tour 8500/pp. Three day tour 70000/pp. A la carte 85 000/d. Birdwatching tour 72500/d. We operate on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Come sail with us, closer to the Ocean.