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Santo Heritage Tours

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Timmy Rovu
+678 36862
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Santo Heritage Tours
PO Box 123
Luganville, Espiritu Santo

Discover the true beauty and nature of our islands. The wonderful weaving, the tranquility of a deserted beach, the adrenalin rush of the caves – Santo Heritage Tours has it all.

One of Espiritu Santo’s longest established Ni-Vanuatu tour operators, Timmy Rovu had built up a fleet of five vehicles and can offer personalised tours for one or two people or groups up to twelve.

Full and half day tours include WW2 history, canoeing rivers, visiting award winning Lonnoc Resort, Jimmy Stevens, Vil Vil village, Fanafo and the world renowned Millennium Cave, Vathe Conservation Area, Laru Conservation Park and Port Orly plus sometimes Timmy’s family’s gardens and many many more.

Tour experiences can be tailored to suit guest own requirements and Timmy will call into the resort or hotel and discuss guests individual needs.

With English and French speaking staff, communications are always good with a sprinkling of Aussie vernacular and humour from Timmy himself.

Heritage Tours is also responsible for the airport transfers of most major resorts in Santo. Timmy's team are experienced, and will keep overseas visitors informed and happy throughout the tours.