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The Summit Vanuatu

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Explore the largest tropical garden in the South Pacific.  Besides Summit's exuberant flora, see how the staff grow sandalwood and other essential oil plants, watch the team make their handmade beauty and health products from their own distilled oils.  Then try Summit's fresh products at the Café and Gift Shop and take home a “Made in Vanuatu” gift for loved ones. Guests could spend from an hour to a day at The Summit and still come back for more.

The Summit Gardens

The Gardens is the largest tropical garden in the South Pacific.  The renowned Summit Gardens experience is unique in Vanuatu and has been developed to provide maximum pleasure to the visitor. The 11 named gardens, spread over 10 hectares, are all distinctly different, unfolding as a series of surprises as you follow the meandering pathways. The designs have been inspired by the great tropical gardens of Asia, Australia and America.  What started off as a hobby to its owners back in 2000 became a driving ambition to create something beautiful that would showcase the beauty of Vanuatu and its people.  The owners were assisted by a tropical landscape architect called Adam Ehlmann who was resident in Port Vila at the time.  Adam departed Vanuatu in 2002 and the owners carried on themselves with the assistance of teams of very talented Ni-Vanuatu gardeners.  The gardens were opened to the public on 1 November 2011.

Guests are always dazzled by a huge variety of colourful flora.  With thousands of different species originating from all over the world, The Summit gardens remain colourful year round. Enjoy the exuberant displays of water plants, succulents, orchids, bromeliads, heliconias, palms and cycads, vines, creepers, nut and fruit trees and numerous others. The trained guides will inspire guests with their wealth of knowledge as they lead guests through the gardens. In addition to information about the gardens, they will also give guests a fascinating insight about the ways certain trees and flowers are used in Vanuatu village life.

The Summit Distillery

The journey from the Earth to the Oil in a special purpose viewing factory. Enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the Sandalwood industry that has provided a livelihood for over 200 years in the Vanuatu islands.   Be fascinated as staff distill the sandalwood and other tropical essential oils, and see how it is used to make handmade soaps and candles, and body care and health products.   See the co-products that are produced in this steam distillation process these being sandalwood powder and hydrosols, both of which are very beneficial to the skin and are used in cosmetics as well.

The Summit Café & Gift Shop

Don’t miss the beautiful colonial style stone cottage which houses Summits café and gift shop, built by Ni-Vanuatu craftsmen from timber and limestone sourced from The Summit plantations. At nearly 200m above sea level, guests can enjoy morning/afternoon tea or stay for lunch choosing from an exciting menu of fresh, local foods. At the same time ake in the breathtaking views over Mele Bay, coral reefs, villages, coconut plantations, peninsulas, beaches and islands. Continue the journey to the gift shop to sample Summit's essential oils based body care and health product ranges.