Fung Kuei

Fung Kuei


Kevin Fung
+678 22556
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P.O. Box 51
Port Vila

Fung Kuei is regarded as the most reputable and established duty free store in Port Vila for having a large selection of alcohol and tobacco at a cheap price offering a large range of hand bags, digital cameras, jewellery, electronics and watches. 

The well-reputed and long-standing history of Fung Kuei in Port Vila for over 60 years is solely based on its diverse selection of duty free goods at the most competitive prices compared to other duty free stores.

The products offered in-store include a vast selection of liquor, tobacco, fragrances, technological products, watches, hand bags as well as wonderful gift ideas for friends and families back at home. 

The friendly staff will assist you in the purchase of your liquor and tobacco as we will also deliver your purchased goods to the airport to avoid any inconvenience of carrying your items during your time spent in Port Vila.

Many new and returning tourists, both sea and air, believe that Fung Kuei is the cheapest place to purchase their liquor and tobacco.