Wrecks to Rainforest

Wrecks to Rainforest


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Espiritu Santo

The warm clear waters and fascinating nature of the untouched island paradise of Vanuatu is host to a variety of world famous ship wrecks, beautiful coral reefs, crystal and mysterious clear blue holes, white sand beaches, spectacular caves, waterfalls, freshwater lakes, gorges, rivers, rainforests, volcanoes, mountains....
Discover the fascinating culture, history, and what makes this amazing place so special - the people....

Wrecks to Rainforest based in Luganville, Espiritu Santo, offers domestic flight bookings, and all levels of accommodation from luxury resorts to village stays.
For the travellers looking for adventure, we offer a variety of experiences from scuba diving, adventure trekking, village interactions, to custom culture encounters for individuals or groups. Vanuatu – the adventure island.

Customised Island Package example

************ Ambrym Island*************
3 nights 4 days “Magic & Yam Festival” (July)
3 nights 4 days “Fanla Art Festival” (July)
4 nights 5 days “Back to My Roots Festival (August)
5 nights 6 days Festival & Volcano trekking West to West (July/August)
4 nights 5 days Volcano trekking, South to South
4 nights 5 days Volcano trek & Rom Dance, South to West

**************** Pentecost Island *******************
A day tour Nagol Land Diving from Port Vila or Santo
2 nights 3 days Nagol Land Diving and Waterfall
2 nights 4 days Nagol land Diving & Bunlap custom village
Pentecost Island & Ambrym Island Combine
4 nights 5 days Ambrym Rom Dance & Pentecost Land Diving
************ Malekula Island ****************
3 nights 4 days Adventure & Culture tour
- Small Nambas tour, Big Nambas tour, Cannibal tour & Wala History tour & more !
4 nights 5 days Man Bush Trail

*************** Espiritu Santo Island **************
Half Day tour: Ri Ri River Canoe, Leweton Culture Village & Magical Water Music, WW2 History Tour. A Day tour to: Millennium Cave, Champagne beach, Matevulu Blue Hole & Ri Ri River Canoe, Port Olry, Champagne beach & Ri Ri River Canoe, Vathe Conservation Area South Santo Adventure Tango island Village and Elia island SnorkelA day hiking tour to Molkali Custom village
1 night 2 days Jaramaja custom village trekking & Cave tour
2 nights Vunaspef village stay & 3 days trekking include famous Millennium Cave
3 nights 4 days Marakai custom village trekking
5 nights 6 days combine Marakai to Millennium Cave
4 nights 5 days Santo Peak climbing
5 nights 6 days Mt Tabwemasana, the Highest mountain in Vanuatu

***************** Gaua Island *****************
2 nights 3 days Culture tour with Water music, Deadman’s tour & carving museum.
3 nights 4 days Lake, Volcano & Waterfall Trekking Adventure

***************** Rah Island ******************
3 nights 4 days The Island Magic, culture & Adventure
- Snake dance, Sleeping Mountain and Rock of Rah Legend.
4 nights 5 days Canoe Race Festival
7 days 8 days St Andrew’s Festival & Custom Fishing

********************* Torres Island *****************
3 nights 4 days The Most Northern Island of Vanuatu Exploring

******************* Tanna Island *******************
3 nights 4 days Volcano Adventure & Custom village

********************* Efate Island ********************
3 nights 4 days Around island, North Efate Adventure.

And more !