Aelan chocolate Makers

Aelan chocolate Makers

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The AELAN Chocolate Makers factory is located within the ACTIV Association Centre, Stella Mare Sub-division, Second Lagoon - a 15-minute drive from the CBD of Port Vila. In this beautiful natural environment, you will discover Vanuatu’s original chocolate maker. At AELAN (means island in Bislama) Chocolate Makers we propose to handicraft fine dark chocolate produced from cocoa beans sourced from our unique Vanuatu islands and our cocoa growers. We create artisanal chocolate using only cocoa beans (70%) and sugar. We assist small-scale producers to improve the quality of their cocoa beans and help access a better sale price for their farm produce. This in turn improves their incomes and the quality of their lives and that of their communities. An AELAN Chocolate Makers tour is available so you can learn how we make our dark chocolate and there is even an opportunity to sample our 3 distinctive island flavours. AELAN Chocolate Makers chocolate is available from our Island Shop and from selected retailers in Port Vila.

The Island Shop at the ACTIV Centre also stocks local handicrafts from the island communities of the archipelago as well as farm and plantation produce such as spices, honey, jam and coconut oil products. The handicrafts you will discover in the Island Shop include woven baskets and mats, wooden carvings, jewelry – seed, shell and sea glass, hats and fans. You will even discover that many of these items have been crafted by women who have taken part in ACTIV Association workshops. These workshops conducted by ACTIV at the ACTIV Centre teach the women handicraft skills alongside of small business advice for extra household income and information about women’s health issues. Any purchase that you make in the Island Shop benefits local rural communities. And isn’t it good to know that you are making a difference to the lives of women, their families and local communities by buying Vanuatu-made handicrafts and produce.
The new Virgin Coconut Oil processing facility – known affectionately at ACTIV as the VCO – will be in operation and gives visitors to the Centre an opportunity to view the process involved with virgin coconut oil production. The VCO facility also gives an insight into the processes involved by rural communities looking to develop technologies that will improve their lives and to access much needed extra income. Local village women have been trained in the process and given the opportunity to create extra income by processing the coconuts at ACTIV. With the women working on-site on a daily basis there will be many opportunities to observe and learn about local oil production and operating methods.

We are wheelchair-friendly, family-friendly and can organise tours for large groups.
The ACTIV Centre also hosts Kava Nights – 1st Friday in the month; and Market Day – 3rd Saturday morning in the month. Our Krismas Week Sale is the 28th November to 2nd December 2016.